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Philly has been my lifeline. I really couldn't figure out where I belonged until I moved here 4 years ago. It got me through heartache, sadness, depression. It gave me some great friends. It gave me the love of my life who I will be marrying in 2 days. I'm really excited for my wedding, my honeymoon in Hawaii, and the life that Jim and I will continue to share together. <3
I'm getting married in 4 months!
Holy crapola!
i am thinking about going to school for court stenography...
A few things:

Jim and I have a tentative closing date of April 23rd (which means the house might be ours in 10 days!!!) and a tentative moving date of May 15th. I am finally allowing myself to get excited. I am about to buy this amazingly awesome house!

We are registering at crate and barrel this weekend as all my moms friends keep asking where we are registered to send us engagement presents. So here ya go moms friends!

What I have done so far involving wedding planning:

Found a venue that we are most likely going to use and going to check it out in May.
Have 2 tentative dates set (next spring).
Coordinating with Jims friend to take engagement photos of us for our save the date cards.
Have not had a haircut in the past 6 months.
Checking out information on renting a photobooth for the wedding reception.
Decided on what our first dance song is going to be.
Figured out bridesmaids/groomsmen.
Working on a wedding website.
Whew, this is going to be a long process.

My biggest issue at this point is how to handle the music. I don't want some cheesy DJ and I don't want some cheesy band. I would just use an IPOD but then I have no one to make announcements and plus I can't imagine the sound quality would be that good even if you rent speakers. Ugh.

Mar. 9th, 2010

the house we are trying to buy:

the kitchen needs a complete overhaul but that is it for the most part. i love the isiah zagar mural on the side of the house.

the inspection is thursday so i am crossing my fingers...
So, where we are at:

Jim and I had our offer accepted on the most amazing house ever. It is a foreclosure so it is being offered super cheap and substantially below what the house is actually worth.

So, that is super super awesome, however since we are dealing with a bank owned property, it is a lot harder to deal with than if it was just your average joe selling his house.

Issues so far:

-We had to find and hire a real estate attorney within a day and have him look over our documents within 24 hours. (If he okays this tomorrow, then we have to courier the agreement over to the bank so it gets there tomorrow)

-We have to have an inspection within 7 days but can't do that until the utilities are turned on by the bank which we don't know when this is happening.

-We have to hire an inspector on such short notice.

-We have a month to close which I heard is pretty crazy and going to be very stressful. For every day that goes over the closing date, we owe the bank $50.

I am trying to hold it together and breathe. I will be so bummed if something falls through, or the inspection goes really bad, or our attorney tells us tomorrow that we shouldn't sign the documents for whatever reasons. I'm trying to remain positive however I feel like this is the kind of house that does not come along often and we would be fools to not put our all into it.

My stomach is in knots.
Crossing fingers.

Feb. 17th, 2010

i am a walking ball of anxiety and stress.
we made an offer on a house today and will find out by tomorrow if they accept it or not.
it is 20,000 less than the asking price, however the asking price is ridiculous, however it's only been on the market a week so they might say no.
it's not like the house of my dreams or anything so i won't be crushed if they say no, but it's a really pretty house and a house i think we could be happy in. i just want the search to be over. i'm tired of giving up my weekends looking at houses.


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